It is interesting to contemplate the complexity of wine.  Soil, water, heat, cold, wind, leaves, shoots, canes, fruit, brix, acid, harvest, crush, fermentation, aging, oak, label, foil, and cork all contribute to the flavor and the body of the wine.

More than a drink, more than refreshment, it is an experience, a journey.
A well-built wine, like a pool, reflects life.  A sip reveals the wonder of the process from youthful to aged.
Martin-Scott Winery, located in East Wenatchee, Washington, is a marriage of our best efforts and assets.  We feature small quantities of handcrafted wines. The fruit comes from our home vineyard in East Wenatchee, high on a bluff, south-facing, above the Columbia River and from grapes grown in the prime grape growing region of the Columbia Valley in South Central Washington State near Mattawa. Some of our grapes also come from Shaw Vineyard, Red Mountain. The Olympic and Cascade Mountains provide a barrier to coastal precipitation leaving an average rainfall of 8 inches per year. With this dry, desert condition, plant vigor, canopy and fruit quality can be successfully controlled. Sudden fall season beckon the plants into dormancy and winter cold inhibits pests, this encouraging integrated pest management a modest use of chemicals.

Here at Martin-Scott, you can taste most of our 17 varietals, set out on one of three different patios and enjoy looking across to Mission Ridge ski area, local orchards and Malaga Springs Winery. You can observe snow on Mission Ridge until mid-June when we start our Thursday night dinners on the patio, or go over to our fish pond and relax under one of 4 original golden delicious apple trees. If time permits, you can take your child up to the train that was originally built by Mikes father and let him/ her take a ride. Our hope is for you to taste some great wine and relax in a beautiful setting. 


The Columbia Cascade area includes Grant County north to Interstate 90, Douglas, Chelan, and Okanogan Counties and provides a wide range of climates and soils throughout the area. The common influence throughout the region is the Cascade Mountains. The mountains maintain dormancy during the winter thanks to cold air descending from high altitudes.  At the same time, many sites are frost free from April 1 through October 31, providing ample time to ripen even the most demanding grape varieties.

Touring the beautiful valleys of the Columbia Cascade area provides constant variation in scenery. Water is constant throughout, with rivers and lakes everywhere. From lush forests in the west to sagebrush in the south to mixed sagebrush an pine in the north, the eye is always rewarded with beauty.  Recreational opportunities abound; water skiing, snow skiing, snowmobile riding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, backpacking, nationally recognized golf courses, or just plain relaxing.

Martin-Scott Winery is a true family venture. Mike, husband, father, grandfather is the “Scott” part and Judi, wife, mother and grandmother is the “Martin” part.

Mike Scott, Vintner /Co-owner

Mike has a passion for the ag industry and completed his Master of Ag Economics Degree at W.S.U. He has established himself as a leader in this field.  Deeply rooted in the Wenatchee Valley, Mikes vision for his winery is different than most.  He hopes to keep the winery small, at least as wineries go, to ensure quality and keep focus on having fun. He truly enjoys sharing his wines with friends and allowing the “fruits of his labor” to be part of celebrations. You will often find him sharing ideas and thoughts with guests on the patio.

Judi Scott, Co-Vintner /Co-owner

Judi brings her skills of being a Laboratory Technologist, BS. ASCP in Microbiology to work alongside Mike in training and pruning the grapes as well as testing the grapes for pH, sugar and specific gravity, and acidity. She assists Mike during the winemaking process to determine sulfite levels, dilutions of various chemicals, ML Chromotography, and is responsible for the documentation. She is either in the lab, or in the tasting room, vineyard, or with her grandchildren.

Tim Scott, Pest Management

Oldest son, Tim has built a career in the pest management, fertility, and irrigation fields. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to this newest family business.  Tim keeps a close eye on controlling pests, fertilizing the delicate vines and maintaining irrigation levels.

Chris, “The Wine Peddler” Scott

Chris is now employed at Quincy Foods LLC as the General Manager.  You may still see him time to time helping in the winery or pouring in the tasting room. He has an evolving interest in culinary matters and is a fine cook. Ask him about pairing wines with your favorite food.  Chris developed the “Peddlers Red and Peddlers White” labels. He delivered our wines to retailers on the back of his bike when he worked with us and earned the nickname of “Wine Peddler”.

 Becky Scott, Artisan

Daughter-In-Law Becky has a creative flair. Her work can be seen throughout the tasting room with jewelry, necklaces and bracelets, with contemporary charm. She is always willing to make a special unique one for wine, favorite football team or any kids sporting team.


Grace Scott, Namesake

To be able to name a wine after our granddaughter is a privilege few grandparents get to do. We named “Graces’ Gewurztraminer after her as she helped from the age of 5 in these same Gewurztraminer grapes  located closest to the home. Her involvement has been limited as she is still in high school but she has washed a lot of dishes, created cheese plates, made flower arrangements and is currently busy creating a new landscape feature. Her love for training and riding horses is her main treat.

Cole Scott, Namesake

Our eldest grandson is the inspiration for a new red blend release named, “Coles’ Collage. This always changing, multi varietal field-blend, reminds us of Coles’ preteen adventures whether  shooting his arrows, 4-wheeling, motorcycling, fishing, playing football or baseball or working for dad in the cherries.

Tess Scott, Namesake

Our youngest granddaughter, Tess is sunshine with a bit of Tobasco lending her bright character to Tess’ Tempranillo. Tess does everything with strength and determination. Soccer is her current sport but she likes softball, ice hockey and being on a tube behind the boat.


Riggin Turner, Namesake

Riggin is our Step Grandson of whom the the 75% Needlerock Merlot and 25% Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon “Riggin’s Red” is named after. Riggin is now 11 years old, and enjoys taking laps around the winery with his brother, Ryder, in tow. Riggin loves to do Lacrosse and Stage Kids, so the next time you see him - make sure you ask him about his roll in “The Lion King”.

Ryder Lamanna Scott, Namesake

Ryder is our youngest grandson.  We are currently creating a red  wine for him, a Red Mountain Cabernet,  and just got the label back for review. The wine will be ready by this fall. He just turned 8 and he definitely is all boy. His grandma gets him each day while his parents work, so she feels pretty proud.  Ryder loves to ride the 4-wheeler and goes from tree to vine sampling each and every fruit grown on our land.  He especially likes riding the third generation train that his great-grandpa made and would love to show any visitors where to find this train for a quick ride.