Red Wines

2014 Tempranillo


“Tess” of Tess’ Tempranillo is our second granddaughter, and we think she is pretty neat. Lots of sunshine and a little spice. The Literal translation of “Tempranillo” from Spanish to English is the “Little Early One”.  In fact, that is what Tempranillo is all about. The earliest ripening hearty red wine grape variety we know of.  Borne outspoken, Tempranillo is both acidic and tannic.  Ruby red, aroma and flavors of berry, plum, and a bit of earthy minerality.  Often this wine will be blended with Grenache, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon or with Grenache and Syrah. This is often made into a Port wine too.

Food Pairing:
This wine is good with chicken, lamb and pork. Manchego Cheese is often paired with Tempranillo.

Aged 18 months total in Re-Coopered Balkan oak barrels. Alcohol 14.7%

Bottle Date:
May 2016      


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