The Columbia Cascade area includes Grant County north of Interstate 90, Douglas, Chelan, and Okanogan Counties and provides a wide range of climates and soils throughout the area. The common influence throughout the region is the Cascade Mountains. The mountains maintain dormancy during the winter thanks to cold air descending from high altitudes. At the same time many sites are frost free from April 1 through October 31, providing ample time to ripen even the most demanding grape varieties.

Touring the beautiful valleys of the Columbia Cascade area provides constant variation in scenery. Water is constant throughout, with rivers and lakes everywhere. From lush forests in the west to sagebrush in the south to mixed sagebrush and pine in the north, the eye is always rewarded with beauty. Recreational opportunities abound; water skiing, snow skiing, snowmobile riding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, nationally recognized golf courses, or just plain relaxing.