Winemaker Blog July 2019

As one wise and experienced grape grower once said, “This is the 20th unusual growing season in the past 20 years.” Fear not, “this will be another remarkable vintage.” We often catch up from a cool spring, with hot days in July, August and September. With that expectation, we have just released a new Sauvignon Blanc, Vintage 2018. Subtle aromatics of nectarine. Mouth feel of fresh pink grapefruit. Clean finish. A refreshing patio pleaser.

Cannot overlook, at this time, what I can be thankful for:

  • The unity and support of our boys, Tim & Chris -What a blessing!

  • Delcie and the wine shop crew….”pouring it on!”

  • The landscape crew, Leonel and Valantine. How many acres of lawn to mow? How many grapes to train?

  • The blessed expression of interest and concern from so many of you…not simply customers, but also treasured friends.

Thank you,

Mike Scott, Grateful Winemaker