As we near the end of harvest 2015 and the launch of our new web site, I would like to take a few minutes to bring you up to date on stuff at Martin- Scott.

A long hot Summer has come to an end.  After a steady rain fall, yesterday, Sunday October 18, we will soon harvest Riesling and Montepulciano, and be done for the 2015 vintage.

Driven by the hottest, driest, Summer on record, we are expecting great flavor from this years vintage. Rich and jammy, yet with bright acidity due to substantial night time cooling.

With much effort and great patience on the part of Judi, we are about to launch a new web site. Actually, you are reading this Blog, because of new found tech skills.  The plan is to stay in regular contact via the blog at the winemaker updates 0ption at the home page. We also would like thank Blind Renaissance for there expertise and help in this adventure.

Even though driven by unrelenting heat, the crop did produce some unexpected developments.  Tempranillo, normally an early harvest variety was harvested mid season.  And Riesling will come off in late October as usual,  So harvest has once again been determined by the taste of the grape, not the date on the calendar.

Thanksgiving barrel tasting will be celebrated at Beaumont tasting room in Quincy, Malaga Springs, and Martin-Scott Winery. Not, of course, on Thanksgiving day, but Friday the27 th, Saturday the 28 th, and Sunday the 28 th.  Noon until 5 pm. More information on this a little bit later.

We look forward to seeing you and presenting part of the next vintage of redwines.

Holiday celebration dates are beginning to fill up.  Please contact Colleen Ward 699-8771 to reserve an evening for your group.

 Mike punching down

Mike punching down