Holiday 2017 Update

We find ourselves finally at the end of one of the longest and finest Fall seasons in many years. 

Moderate, but seasonal temperatures.  

A bit of precipitation. Snow on the Ridge.   

Spectacular color in the retiring leaves  Yellow, red, brite, vivid.  

Leaves of the grapes, cherries, and pears are mostly all on the ground.  

Our bed and nightly slumber still in place outside on the covered deck as I write this on December 15.  

That is a record for us.  

The vintage of new wine is developing nicely. Chardonnay, Rose of Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Graciano, Red Mountain Cabernet,  Barbera, and Syrah are all aging gracefully.  

Among the treasures accumulated this past year was a new pizza oven. Judi, Ty, and Guido collaborated to produce wood fired pizza on Saturdays in August and September.  

On a purely personal note, we enjoyed a driving trip to the Southern Utah State and national parks. in early March. 


Stayed in Burley, Boise, Cedar City, and Moab. Weather was great. Clear and sunny for the most part  although we did drive through fresh snow at elevations above 6000 feet. Lots of pictures of unbelievable cliffs, arches, and balanced rocks. 

In another adventure, we spent our 49th anniversary on the Yellowstone River in central Montana. Great scenery and accommodations. Guided fly fishing for two days drifting the Yellowstone. Then more time spent in the National park. Huge herds of Bison. Lots of deer and elk. 

So now the Holidays are upon us.  

Here's to a great new year.  

Mike and Judi